Materials Infrastructure Analysis, Lloyd EcoDistrict.  Community Environmental Services, Portland State University.  Crum, E. et al.  2/10/14:

Assessment of the Financial Viability of the Materials Management Enterprise.  Report by Nisha Ahuja and Shreya Goyal, Portland State University MSFA Graduate Capstone Project.  Winter 2014.

2013 Annual Report

Lloyd EcoDistrict – Pilot report

Lloyd Crossing Sustainable Urban Design Plan & Catalyst Project – This study was published in August 2004 by a team headed by Mithun Architects. The report provides an in-depth look at the 35 block Lloyd Crossing area, examining its development potential and offering sustainable urban design examples.

District Energy Analysis for the Rose Quarter 

Oregon Convention Center Urban Renewal Area

EcoDistricts (formerly Portland Sustainability Institute (PoSI)) 

Lloyd Transportation Management Association (Lloyd TMA)

Other Portland Eco Districts

Foster Green Eco District – The Foster Green Eco District is located in SE Portland in the Lents neighborhood, and encompasses the SE 92nd Avenue and Foster Road neighborhood business districts, Lents Park and other resources. For a detailed map and more information, visit the eco district website: http://www.fostergreenecodistrict.org/

Foster Green Eco District – Pilot report: http://www.pdxinstitute.org/images/posi_publications/Pilot_Reports/fostergreen_pilot_report.pdf


Gateway Eco District – The Gateway Eco District is located in NE Portland in the Gateway neighborhood, encompassing the neighborhood business district of NE Halsey and NE Weilder, the Adventist Medical Center and the Portland Adventist Academy. For a detailed map and more information about the Gateway Eco District, visit ABC Sustainable Solutions: http://www.abcsustainablesolutions.com/gateway-eco-district-marketing-project/

Gateway Eco District – Pilot report: http://pdx.edu/sites/www.pdx.edu.usp/files/gateway_ecodistrict_pilot_study_final_report.pdf

South of Market Eco District – Pilot report: http://www.pdxinstitute.org/images/posi_publications/Pilot_Reports/southofmarket_pilot_report.pdf

South Waterfront Eco District – Pilot report: http://www.pdxinstitute.org/images/posi_publications/Pilot_Reports/southwaterfront_pilot_report.pdf